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Hamilton Warehousing, Cross Docking and Rail Siding

Load Bearing Logistics LTD

Trusted Warehouse Solutions in GTA

Seeking a safe, secure warehouse to store your product?

Require warehousing/crossdocking in more than the Toronto/Hamilton area?

Our warehouse/crossdock facility is alarmed and gated. Camera surveillance and a pest monitored environment (inside and outside) are mandatory to ensure your product is secure and pest free.

We are affiliated with 3PL warehouses in: Montreal, Saskatoon, Calgary and Vancouver, which can play a key role for deliveries made to time sensitive locations (where fines are imposed for late deliveries).

Our warehouse employees can handle almost anything. From: flooring, furniture, paper products, wood, heavy piping to skidded freight. We have the tools and equipment to get the job done.

We have RF scanning and manual scanning capabilities to fit customer capabilities and systems. We are implementing notebooks with scanners on our forklifts for efficiency, technological and inventory control purposes.

We have short term and long term warehouse solutions for your requirements. We are here to assist and regulate with the growth of your business. Our warehouse is your warehouse. Contact us for quote and we will be glad to assist.