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Rail Siding in Hamilton

We’re a third-party logistics provider whose warehouse is equipped with railroad siding capabilities. Since 2011, we’ve provided superior warehousing and cross-docking services to Hamilton businesses.

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The 3PL Company with a Rail Sided Warehouse

As a logistics company, we’re continually seeking to improve all factors that affect the efficiency of goods transportation. That’s why we’ve installed extensive rail siding throughout our entire facility. Whether you use railroad transportation regularly or only deal with a freight load every now and then, you’ll find our rail siding a vital asset to your success.

Transport More for Less with Our Rail Siding

One main reason to consider our rail transport is its superior holding capacity. One rail freight will hold three times the amount of goods as the average truck so you can move much more product for considerably less cost. For more information on how our rail siding services can benefit you, get in touch with us today.

Save Money on Fuel and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Rail Siding

It’s proven that rail transportation is roughly 3.5 times more fuel-efficient than truck transport. If your company is concerned with its environmental impact, or you’re simply looking to cut down on fuel costs, you need the rail siding features at our warehouse.

What’s more, our rail transport is less affected than trucks by the weather and road accidents, so your shipment is less likely to deal with unexpected delays.  

Third-Party Logistics with Your Safety in Mind

Rest assured, our team is trained in safe transportation and handling practices. We always load to CN and AAR standards. We operate all our equipment following strict safety guidelines to protect our employees and our business partners. With us, you can trust that your items will be transported safely guaranteed.

The Logistics Warehouse with Valuable Working Partnerships

Our company is affiliated with other warehouses in Montreal, Saskatoon, Calgary, and Vancouver. When you partner with us, you’ll also benefit from our shipping and storing connections nation-wide.

Personalized Service from Your Logistics Consultant

We work with a wide range of small and large businesses. Clients approach us for single contracts as well as for the entirety of their cross-docking and storage needs. Our extensive rail siding network makes us even more appealing to companies that work with rail transport in any capacity.

Whether you have a short- or long-term job, give us a call. We’ll set you up with a personal consultant that will discuss your transport needs with you in-depth. We’ll walk you through our services step-by-step and sufficiently respond to all your questions and concerns. When we thoroughly understand the task at hand, we’ll give you a free and accurate breakdown of the projected costs.

Partner with Our Railroad Siding Warehouse Today

If you need railroad transportation, consider Load Bearing Logistics LTD for its superior service, equipment, and rail siding capabilities. If your business is well-established in rail transportation, or you’re beginning to consider it as an expansion method, our warehouse will be a valuable component of your operation.

Call us today to speak to an experienced representative. We’re happy to discuss your needs and offer you a complimentary quote.