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When you need dependable, secure cross docking services for your inventory Load Bearing Logistics LTD is ready to serve. Our experienced staff, fully-equipped facility, and unmatched expertise in transportation and logistics, make us Toronto’s best option for prompt, reliable cross docking.

We are pleased to offer exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and free quotes to our clients.

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Safe, Reliable Cross Docking Services

Business owners all across Toronto trust us with their inventory cross-docking needs. We are committed to handling inventory shipments of any size with the utmost safety, precision, and efficiency.

We understand that for business owners, time is money, and transportation of shipments must be safe and on schedule. That’s why we’re committed to delivering the highest caliber cross docking. When you choose us, you’ll be working with a business who understands the importance of your inventory and of its safe, swift transport to your location. Our services will save you significant amounts of time, energy, and money.

Our facility is exceptionally well-equipped with the latest technological warehousing advances, ensuring proper security and storage. We also offer an outstanding capacity and can accommodate shipments of any size and type.

For outstanding cross docking in Toronto, reach out to the expertise of Load Bearing Logistics LTD!

Reasons to Choose Load Bearing Logistics LTD for Your Cross-Docking Needs

There are many advantages to working with us for your business’s cross docking needs. You’ll be engaging an industry-leading expert in transportation and logistics with the knowledge and efficiency your business needs. We are familiar with a wide variety of industries and are dedicated to the best possible cross docking services.

Firstly, cross docking offers significant cost-savings. Choosing cross docking makes your commercial transportation direct and point-to-point, thus decreasing your needs and expenses for warehouse storage. Instead of working with multiple firms, we also permit cost-savings, lowering costs of labor for unloading, storage, and reloading of inventory.

Your business will also benefit from savings in terms of time. Cross docking’s main benefit is that it is fast. Your inventory is rapidly transported from its point of production or assembly to your commercial location. No time is wasted with inventory sitting in storage for long periods. We offer rapid turnarounds and reduced rates––quickly sending your inventory to your location. This is particularly useful for perishable or seasonal goods.

Space savings are another important reason to choose cross docking. Your business’s available storage or warehousing capacities will be kept open and available for any use. We remove the need for extensive warehousing space.

By reducing inventory handling, you also decrease the risk of damage to your interview.

Lastly, the speed and efficiency of cross docking will offer increased customer satisfaction. Faster shipping and delivery, along with cost-savings, will undoubtedly be appreciated by your clients.

For your business’s transportation and cross docking needs, call Toronto’s leading logistics company: Load Bearing Logistics LTD!

Toronto Cross Docking and Warehousing

Toronto companies that deal with suppliers and manufacturers or are in this field themselves, are always trying to find ways to make their supply chain more efficient. Plotting out warehouse logistics can be tedious—managing delivery, storage time, a pickup schedule, all of which have to fit not just into your schedule but everyone else involved as well.

Warehousing and distribution is simplified with the use of cross docking. A dock is set up with inbound on one side, and outbound on the other meaning that the supplier simply needs to drop of their freight and have the customer pick it up right away on the same dock, saving you both costly warehousing fees.

Load Bearing Logistics LTD has been providing unparalleled cross docking services to Toronto residents since 2011, and have formed a company our clients can trust. Our client service is the key to our success. Let us show you what we can do for you!

Full Truckload and Less Than Truckload Shipping

Whether you’re doing FTL or LTL shipping in Toronto, we can accommodate you on our docks. LTL shipping provides a cost-effective option for smaller businesses but with multiple businesses sharing truck space it’s important for your warehousing and distribution company to know what they’re doing when it comes to separating and sorting on dock. The highly trained staff at Load Bearing Logistics LTD have an eye for detail ensuring that everyone receives the correct merchandise, in excellent condition.

If you are a FTL company who prefers to use their own dedicated truck, we have the manpower to manage large shipments. As a company with high demand, you’ll want your products getting from point A to point B as efficiently as possible, making cross docking the best choice for your supply chain and warehouse logistics.

Keep Your Merchandise Safe

Load Bearing Logistics LTD may manage trucking, rail siding, and warehousing along with cross docking, but cross docking is our specialty. Our personnel are highly trained and licensed to handle your valuable merchandise safely and respectfully.

Transporting delicate or specialty goods? We’re happy to work with you to determine the best methods for warehousing and distribution, without interrupting or slowing your supply chain in any way.

As a supplier, your job doesn’t end when the product is out the door, and as a customer, yours doesn’t start when you pick up your freight. Warehouse logistics are important on both ends of the process and choosing the cross docking method for your shipments will give you the competitive advantage in no time.

Faster Freight Today

Our docks and warehouses are built to manage any truck size and any quantity of palettes. From less than truckload shipments to full truckload shipments, whatever works best for your company can be accommodated on our property.

Cross docking allows the fast transfer from supplier to consumer. And when it comes to logistics, we’ll use our years of experience to find the methods that work best for your unique company.

Located in Toronto and ready to take your business to the next level? Call Load Bearing Logistics LTD today.