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Cross Docking in Hamilton

Transporting valuable goods cross-city, cross-province, and cross-country is no small task. Transports are almost always subject to strict time constraints, and severe fines are often imposed on late deliveries.

At Load Bearing Logistics LTD, we understand the pressures that come with the transport industry. That’s why we’ve created our cross-docking services to be the fastest, most efficient, and organized option available for transport companies in the Hamilton area.

To find out more about how our superior cross-docking system can benefit your business, contact us today at (905) 634-6060.


A Superior Cross-Docking Facility

Our warehouse is equipped with a state-of-the-art security system. Alarmed, gated, and under video surveillance at all hours of the day and night, we can guarantee the safety of your product while on our property.

Our warehouse has established partnerships with warehouses in Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver, which can benefit your transport service in the event of an unexpected delay, detour, or deadline.

What’s more, the technology we house inside our warehouse is just as impressive as the warehouse itself. From our large fleets of industrial forklifts to our upgraded scanning systems, there is no transport task our facility is not fully prepared to accommodate.

The Ultimate Cross-Docking Experience

Our staff is trained to deliver fast transfer times on every job consistently, all while meticulously loading your product to your precise specifications. We guarantee your transfer experience won’t be any different. Our clients come to us time and time again because we always deliver the same quality service.

Our warehouse staff boasts the fastest transfer times in the area, no matter what the product. Let us show you how we can cut your delivery time. Cross-docking with our team will save you time and ultimately save you money.

Our Specialty: Cross-Docking Logistics

Our product inventory system is comprehensive. The nature of the transport industry is that all our inventory is constantly in motion. Our organizational system and experience in the field is the engine underneath the hood—it’s what keeps us delivering cross-docking services that are a cut above the rest.

 Our company tracks everything. With us, there’s no risk of getting sent to the wrong docking station or the wrong section of the warehouse. Ask us about any product, and we’ll tell you where it came from, when it arrived, where it’s currently stored, as well as when and where it’s going next, all in a matter of minutes. If you want, we’ll even tell you about your product shipment six months ago. Like we said, transporting goods is no small feat. That is, unless you’re working with the sound organizational system put in place by Load Bearing Logistics LTD.

Partner with the Best Cross-Docking Company Today

If your transport company is expanding or your shipping service is in the market for a new warehouse, we guarantee that with us, your cross-docking needs will meet cross-docking solutions. To speak with a member of our management team, give us a call today. You’ll be glad you did!