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When you are in need of rapid, secure cross-docking services for your inventory, Load Bearing Logistics is ready to serve.

Our state-of-the-art facility has the capacity and resources to welcome any type or size of shipment.

Handling your materials with care and safety, we quickly have your products re-shipped and ready for transportation again.

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Cross-Docking is the Solution to Your Brampton Warehousing and Distribution Issues

Finding a good third-party logistics company in Brampton that can keep track of your inventory can be a challenge. As any small business owner knows, supply chain management is crucial to your bottom line. So finding a company that respects your needs for fast and efficient warehousing and distribution is important.

No matter what business you’re in, you’ve probably already heard about how cross-docking logistics practices can save you tons of time and money. But if this is your first time reading about cross-docking, we’ve got a short explanation below on how it works and why it’s good for business.

What is Cross-Docking?

Cross-docking is a practice in supply chain management that works to minimize the amount of time a product is sitting in warehouse waiting for delivery. This ‘just-in-time’ method of supply management keeps your inventory low and delivers products from the supply truck directly to the outbound shipping vehicles. With no in-between time, you save money on warehousing space and can fulfill orders faster than ever before!

The possibilities with cross-docking are endless. When you contract out with Load Bearing Logistics LTD, your small-to-medium-sized business can break records for fast delivery and you can’t stop renting warehouse space from a middleman.

What Do I Look for in a Good Third-Party Logistics Company?

For local, national, and international shipping, you need to make sure your warehousing and distribution company is located in a place where sea, air, and rail travel is nearby and accessible. Partnering with Load Bearing Logistics LTD gives you the convenience and versatility you expect from businesses in the Greater Toronto Area.

A good cross-docking setup minimizes waste and spoilage, overhead for renter warehousing space, and keeps customers happy by decreasing shipping time. Because your product isn’t generating revenue when it’s sitting on shelves, it’s easy to see how many businesses can benefit from it, especially businesses providing perishable goods.

But you want to make sure that your supply chain management company has experience using cross-dock shipping systems. Without the right technology and training, your cargo could be lost, costing you thousands. Cross-docking increases the risk of inventory problems if your warehousing and distribution company doesn’t use the latest technology to keep a tight lid on inventory.

Advantages of Cross-Docking

As a business-owner, it is almost always in your best interest to use cross-docking as part of your supply chain. From point-of-origin to point-of-sale, crossdocking can streamline the overall process.

As a leading logistics expert in the GTA, we serve businesses in a variety of industries. We emphasize speed, precision, and organization above all else. Our clients depend on our advanced cross-docking services to keep their inventories well-stocked and readily available.

Below are just some of the many benefits of choosing cross-docking services.

Cost Savings

Cross-docking provides lowered costs in a number of ways. By choosing direct, point-to-point transportation for your inventory, you are reducing your warehouse storage expenses.

Working with Load Bearing Logistics instead of multiple businesses for your shipping needs, you will also save significantly. The lowered labor costs from the additional unloading, storage, and reloading of your materials will result in saved funds as well.

Our just-in-time shipping processes use the best technology in the business. We’ll save you significant costs and transport your inventory to you faster than ever!

Time Savings

The number one reason people choose cross-docking services is simple: it’s faster. Your inventory proceeds more seamlessly from the point of production/assembly to your business’s location. Instead of inventory sitting for long periods of time in storage, it is moved swiftly from one means of transportation to another.

With reduced handling and high turnover rates, your items will arrive at your location faster.

This is particularly accurate in the case of goods which are perishable or seasonal, which require urgent arrival. Your clients will appreciate the added speed and efficiency of your product line.

Space Savings

When you choose Load Bearing Logistics’ cross-docking services, you are choosing not to bother with warehousing storage. As a result, you have much more storage space available. No matter how you intend to use it, this will provide multiple advantages to your business. You can reduce your overstocking and free up your in-house warehousing for other uses.

Decreased Risk to Inventory

Cross-docking involved reduced handling— it removes the need for items to be placed into and removed from storage.

Orderly, meticulous shipping of items the moment they arrive means your inventory is much less likely to be damaged. With the greater speed, your inventory is also more likely to arrive fresh and unspoiled.

Load Bearing Logistics’ safe shipping standards ensure that your items arrive intact and on schedule.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

The greater speed and efficiency provided by cross-docking is certain to please your customer base.

For custom-ordered items, cross-docking will result in a faster shipping and delivery for the client.

Your clients will also appreciate the savings in costs. They can be certain to keep using your services.

Allow Load Bearing Logistics to accelerate the speed and quality of your business.

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Load Bearing Logistics LTD - The Top Name for Logistics and Delivery in Brampton

Just because your company can’t afford to rent an entire warehouse doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a fair shake in your industry. Load Bearing Logistics LTD provides high-quality warehousing and shipping solutions for companies struggling to manage their supply chains—and we do it at reasonable prices.

With up-to-date logistics and inventory management technology including RFID scanners and digital inventory software, Load Bearing Logistics LTD always stays one step ahead of the competition. That’s good for our reputation and your bottom line, too.

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