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Yard Space in Toronto

Looking for Yard Space in Toronto? Load Bearing Logistics LTD Has You Covered

When it comes to renting yard space or creating your own outdoor warehouse in Toronto, square footage can be hard to find. We all know how squeezed the real estate market is in The Six, and business turnover is high due to soaring commercial rent. If your business has vehicles, heavy machinery, or simply a ton of equipment that needs storing, you want your things to be well cared-for while also remaining accessible to you when you need them.

That’s why the premier logistics and warehousing company in the Greater Toronto Area is now offering yard space for rent to new and existing clients!

Storage Space Solutions for Businesses Big and Small

Whether you’ve just taken on your third client or your 300th, when it comes to finding the best commercial warehouse in the Toronto area, there’s no better option than Load Bearing Logistics LTD. We’ve provided all manner of outdoor warehouse solutions for our clients since we’ve been in business, and we approach every contract with the same care and diligence that’s made us famed in the area.

Our pricing is flexible depending on the space required, and we offer pricing options that can fit the needs of any budget.

Does My Business Need Yard Space in Toronto?

If you have to ask yourself this question, the answer is: likely! Only you will know what is best for your business. But managing current needs and future expectations isn’t the easiest thing to do when you also manage the day-to-day operations of your company.

The businesses best set to benefit from our outdoor warehouse rental services are:

  • • Large-scale commercial and residential construction companies
  • • Excavation companies and contractors
  • • Sewage and septic management companies
  • • General contracting firms
  • • Parts suppliers
  • • Pipe companies
  • • Oil industry companies, including oil pump construction firms and pipeline suppliers and distributors
  • • Railroad construction companies and rail distribution companies

Ultimately, any business that has large objects that don’t need indoor storage is a great fit to partner with Load Bearing Logistics LTD. We can construct any custom yard storage solution you can imagine.

Outdoor Yard Space and Storage Services

Everything stored in our convenient yard is protected from damage by our comprehensive policies. Any sort of heavy machinery or large equipment can be placed with us for short-term or long-term contracts and accessed by you virtually any time you need.

The best part? While located in the GTA, we have partnerships with 3PL and logistics companies all over the country. Our network travels as far as you do. When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing that whatever your logistics needs are, we will go the distance to make sure your equipment is safe and protected.

Call Us Today to Learn More

If you’re not sure whether partnering with Load Bearing Logistics LTD is right for your Toronto business, give us a call. We’re happy to explain what it is we do and how we can meet your business’s needs over the phone—and if you give us your details, we can even provide no-obligation estimates. Call us today!