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It’s a problem faced by many owners and entrepreneurs: as your small business takes off, a corner office gets repurposed as a storage room. Selling a record number of products is one thing—who wouldn’t want that? But the ugly reality is that it’s not so simple to find a space to store all those products, especially if you’re moving from a home-business setup to a new location in Brampton.

There’s no need to repurpose your employees’ desks for storage. Contracting out your warehouse needs to Brampton’s top dog among 3PL companies is the best solution for affordable and efficient storage for your growing business empire.

We at Load Bearing Logistics LTD have compiled a list of some commonly asked questions about what it is we do and how we can help your company soar to the top.

What are Third Party Logistics?

Third party logistics companies, commonly abbreviated to 3PL companies, are businesses that offer you storage and warehousing services for a modest fee. Rather than purchase the real estate and establish a separate department for the warehouse storage needs of your business, call Load Bearing Logistics LTD.

Figuring out shipping logistics is a complicated job. When you rely on us for your warehouse storage, you can focus on what really matters to your business.

Our Warehouse Conditions and Standards are Top of the Line

As long as your product isn’t hazardous or made of flora or fauna, we’re your first destination for quality storage and warehousing services. We guarantee safe and efficient shipping and tracking. But that isn’t all. All our locations are temperature-controlled and use safe and efficient storing and stacking practices.

When you trust us to provide business-to-business solutions for your company, you’re getting the very best in modern logistics practices. We keep our facilities clean and properly maintained, with regular quality inspections as well as all the proper insurance and environment control your business expects.

Benefits of Placing Logistics in our Capable Hands

If you’ve been managing the logistics for your own company, you know how difficult and exhausting it can be when you’re also trying to manage sales projections and employee hires. Leaving warehousing to the experts will save you time, money, and space.

You’ll also know that we use modern tracking technology to ensure your orders get to where they need to go and always leave an electronic ‘paper trail’. In case something goes wrong, we’re fully insured. But given our long list of satisfied clients, we know what we do is the best in Brampton.

So whether you’re just wrapping up your 100th sale or your 100,000th, think ahead to a prosperous future. Call Load Bearing Logistics LTD and we’ll schedule a time to meet and discuss every aspect of your business and how renting a fully stocked warehouse is the best solution to your warehousing needs.

Plus, calling to inquire comes with no obligations. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and give us a ring!